Oberhauser Designs
Fine Perennial Landscapes
Design and Installation
Welcome to this Website!

Take time to look through these
pages, and you will soon see why
this company would be a
wonderful choice for your
design project.

The site is divided into two
sections:  Professional, and
Informative.  If you'd like to see
what we've done, and find out
more about the company, look
in the Professional section.

If you are interested in events,
fun places to visit, or learning a
bit about gardening, and
landscape design, look in the
Informative Section.

I am always working on this
site, and updating it.  It's the
first face that my client's see,
and I want it to reflect not only
my professional capabilities,
but my love of this field.

I want my clients to realize that
not only do I take my projects
seriously, by that I approach
each job as an opportunity to do
something unique and special
for them.

-Kerri Ann Oberhauser